July 2019


184lookup – July 13, 2019

A funny video by Blackfish. I don’t like everything in the video. I love the birds.

A song video: In The Garden, sung by Brad Paisley; video by cjr22073.

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184lookup – July 12, 2019

Back in early November 2017, because of so much evil going on in the world, I asked the LORD to give me hope. To show me what He is doing about it. I need to see it every day. And He led me to Q, and I have been following them ever since, every day!

Thank You, LORD, and thank you, Q, for giving us hope! GOD bless President Donald Trump and Q!

If you want the truth, follow Q! They are true patriots fighting corruption and evil. Don’t follow the fake news! You can follow Q at http://www.qmap.pub.

Sharing a poem found on Twitter about Q from WorldwideAwakening



Who and what is Q,
and does it matter if Q is real. 
Q had opened the eyes of many,
preventing the MSM to steal.

Q asked question and got others thinking,
opening minds galore.
Uncovering corruption worldwide,
all in open source nothing more.

The truth they hid away, as in different
direction followers were sent.
All the dots joining, you could see
developments even before an event.

From Saudi Arabia to North Korea,
Russia, the EU and the UK.
The evil that exists Globally with
atrocious crimes revealed every day.

Q has brought true patriots together,
no longer just refusing to see.
They never expected HRC to lose,
or the exposure. They had no plan B.

In desperation the Deep State is in panic.
Q has awoken the whole world.
Their time controlling the masses ending,
as their horrendous acts are hurled.

They will be brought to justice,
for their crimes real punishment received.
So does it really matter if Q is real or not,
personally I have always believed.

It is time for the world to turn from darkness
and back towards the light.
To free our world of the evil within and
for our children's futures fight.


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Also check out on Twitter:

Stroppy Me; We the people insider; SGTReport; X22Report; Greg Hunter .. etc.


.. and many other truth-tellers.

[Updated 1.30.2020: I have deleted some names from this list since I am not sure about them anymore. When in doubt, I leave out.]

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184lookup – July 5, 2019

4th of July 2019 – Prophetic Word by Hank Kunneman. Video by Helen Utegaard; 0:00-Prayer; 8:38-Prophetic Word.

My computer is in the shop. I’ve tried to use my phone instead, but I couldn’t make it work. Finally today I use another browser and it works. Yet, wishing a belated happy birthday to you, United States of America! God is with you! I will now try posting with my phone.


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