I Am Finalizing My Warnings, Their Time is Coming to a Close

Rhema Word
Ed Amos – March 29, 2015

Son of man, write. I have issued forth My proclamations; warnings; sounded the alarms by way of My written word; the Holy Spirit; messengers; prophets; spokesmen.  I have  issued warnings; sounded in the  heavens by way of My Scriptures being written in the stars; sun; moon; blood moons; solar eclipses; comets; asteroids; planetary shifts; cosmic rays; solar sun spots; solar eruptions; and explosions; unknown to mankind objects in space – unknown to mankind, but known to Me. I have sent dreams; visions; angelic visitations – unknown to mankind phenomenon, but known to Me.

4657053554_7e318fe9b9_zI  have sent earth signs; earthquakes; volcanoes; floods; droughts; hurricanes/typhoons; sink holes; animal-die offs; extreme weather; drought in some areas; flooding in other areas; massive oceanic living creature-, wild life-, and plant life-die offs; new kinds of signs in the waters of the earth; waters turning to blood; earth opening up sink holes in various places; insect die-offs in some areas; insect plagues in other areas; bird die-offs, and yet for all of this many of My people either scoff and mock or remain asleep.

I Am finalizing My warnings, their time is coming to a close. Mankind in collusion with the fallen ones are attempting to break down the dimensional walls of separation I established long ago, to separate wicked and evil spirits, fallen ones, and demons from the race of mankind for mankind’s protection. The rulers of the world have and are conspiring with Satan and the fallen ones to provoke Me to anger. They know once the dimensional walls have been successfully breached, evil will attempt to overflow the earth.

Currently My restrainer is in place, but once removed there will be little left to hold back the hordes of evil that want to invade the earth, your planet. I call out to My bride with an urgency to prepare herself for departure. Many of My bride hearken to My voice, while others of My children mock, scorn, and curse My bride as they are obedient to My commands to ready themselves for departure. Those who insist on mocking, scorning, cursing My bride, will not be leaving with My bride.

I will grant them their request, their insistence that they be left behind. They know not what they ask for nor what they request, but I will grant their request as they speak, for they have not readied themselves properly to meet Me as is recorded in My Word. They will wish they had not been so foolish, but alas for them, the door will be shut for a time. The continual mocking, scorning, name calling, cursing of My bride by those outside of My bride has been and is being duly noted by My recording angels.

Mankind will be held accountable for their words. You have been warned again, but if those people knew My Scriptures they would already know that. Those who consider themselves to be prophets or spiritual, take note. You are held to a higher standard because you have been given much, and much is expected of you. Repent! Repent! Repent! For the time of departure nears, and more and more evil is being released and allowed to enter into the world in which you live. A little longer now and I will come for My bride.

The bride I Am coming for is without spot, blemish, or wrinkle. They have made themselves ready to meet  their Bridegroom. I love  all of My  children dearly.  I desire none to be left behind. I Am coming for a bride who has prepared herself. Have you prepared yourself? My other children who miss the rescue of My bride will still have a chance to be with Me, but when the bride is removed the times will change. Different set of conditions will apply. Law will abound and the rules of law will be in effect.

Breaking My law during those days will result in quick, severe and swift judgment. Those who keep My laws during this time of trouble will still receive the reward of everlasting life; however, it may result in the death of your mortal bodies in order to receive salvation. Those who save their lives by taking the mark of the beast, denying My name Jesus Christ, will lose their lives both physical and spiritual. Those who give up their lives for My sake, the martyrs, rejectors of the mark of the beast, will gain everlasting life.

My children, stop fighting among yourselves. Falsely accusing your brethren of things you know not of. I see things perfectly. I see things clearly. You do not. You look through a glass darkly until we meet face to face, then you shall know even as you are known. Put away all idols, children. Put Me, your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Yahushua Ha Mashiach, first in everything you think, say, and do. Then you will have things in proper alignment and harmony.

I have issued My warnings. I have issued forth My plans via My messengers and prophets. I have told you how to prepare to meet Me. I have told you how to prepare to help those left behind. I have told you the season in which you live. The signs in the sun, moon, and stars. Signs in the earth, on the earth, and above the earth.  I have told you that I Am  coming back  quickly, and soon. Take heed, My children and bride, take heed and prepare yourselves. I love you, My children, I love you. I don’t want any to perish or be left behind. Your Bridegroom is coming for His bride. Your King is coming for His Kingdom and His people.


Photo credit: Hundimiento Zona 2 (1) by Gobierno de Guatemala licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0